Cardiovascular & Behavioral Health West utilizes attention-based techniques to employ the imagination to therapeutic strategies designed to help people live, feel, and perform better - to take themselves to the next level. Hypnosis is a state of mind that occurs naturally and spontaneously in everyday life, but is distinctly different from sleep and usual waking consciousness. Hypnosis occurs on a continuum of experience and there is no absolute dividing line between hypnotic and non-hypnotic states. While in hypnosis the client is able to transcend usual critical faculties of the mind creating a state of heightened suggestibility. Post-hypnotic suggestions (suggestions given during hypnosis to be carried out after emerging from hypnosis) may be directed at the client’s subjective experience, perceptions, thoughts, motivations, emotions, behaviors, habits, physiologic processes, and relationships. The therapeutic use of hypnosis can elicit information and insight from the subconscious or unconscious mind which may be useful in creating the positive changes the client desires.

No one has ever been harmed by hypnosis, and no one has ever become “stuck” in hypnosis. No one can be hypnotized against his or her will, and the client remains in control at all times. Recalled memories from the unconscious, like dreams, are rarely the literal truth, and are best understood as creative blending of fact and fiction, and symbolic in nature.

My work is exploratory and client-centered. I work with the client to establish goals, determine the nature of any problems, assess the applicability of hypnotherapy, and evaluate the client’s degree of hypnotizability.

Clinical hypnotherapy is complementary to the Healing Arts including the Practice of Medicine and Mental Health Services. Hypnotherapy can be utilized to modify the psychological, behavioral, cognitive, and social factors affecting health and well-being. This may include expanding and assimilating awareness, adherence to treatment, and the use of hypnotherapeutic techniques to address symptom management, coping style, health-promoting behaviors, health-related risk taking behaviors, and overall adjustment to illness. Services provided by Western Cardiovascular & Behavioral Health do not include the Practice of Medicine. I do not diagnose, prescribe or provide medical treatment for physical or mental ailments.